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What is mindful eating?
Rather than counting calories and tracking every bite you eat, Mindfull takes full advantage of a much simpler accountability method: Mindful eating. The idea is as powerful as it is simple: Pay attention to what you eat. Thoughtfully consider what you put in your body and be intentional about sticking to the fundamentals. By taking a quick picture of your meal before you eat it, you'll be far more likely eat a healthy quantity of high-quality food.

What if I forget to take a picture?
No problem, we've got you covered. Tap the plus and simply enter a quick note about what you ate (you can even use your voice) and we'll show a nice placeholder photo in your journal since there's no picture included with the entry.

Can I move my data to a new device?
Yes. Your data is not backed up on a server, but if you back up your iPhone with automatic iCloud backups, or manually to iTunes, you can restore that backup and all your food journal entries will be on the new device.

How do you make money?
We don't get in your way with ads or charge extra for features. We just charge a small one-time fee to buy and own the app.

How do I report an issue?
Sorry about that! Feel free to contact us here to let us know what's going on, with details of what was happening with the bug/crash happened, and we'll do our best to get it fixed quickly.

In the meantime, it might help to close out the app by double-tapping home button from your home screen, then swiping up on Mindfull from the multi-tasking view.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible!

How do I submit a feature request?
We love getting features requests to help improve Mindfull! Please let us know what you'd like to see here. Thanks!

Have another question?
Email us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Have a great day!